MC4-IT highly recommends Joomla as your content management system for a large number of reasons (see below). Joomla is being used on myriads of large and small websites. There is no upper or lower limit on content items to trigger your decision. Use Joomla for its simplicity that allows even web novices to take full control over their own websites.

  • Update pages directly on the web site
    You can edit and update pages on your web site any time you wish without the need to purchase any software. Updates are immediately published live on the Internet.
  • Number of pages not limited
    You can have as many pages on your site as you require. The software does not limit the number of pages - you can add new pages at any time.
  • Word Processor-like editor
    Web pages are edited on-line via an editor that is very similar to common Word Processors such as Microsoft Word. This editor allows you to directly format the text on the page as well as insert web links, images and tables.
  • Site Navigation - auto-generating
    The site menu used by site visitors to move about your web site automatically updates when a new page is added, or changes are made to an existing page. Additionally, the position of a page in the site menu can be changed whenever and however you wish. Of course, you have complete control over the text displayed in the site navigation.
  • Manage your workflow
    Publishing Pages can be created, but not published, meaning that they do not appear on the web site to site visitors. This is very useful if you wish to work on a page over a period of time before making it available to site visitors, or if a page requires approval prior to publication. Additionally, there is the ability to set pages to automatically start and finish publishing on predetermined dates.
  • Member's Only area
    You can create a password-protected "Member's Only" area, to which only authorised site visitors have access. You have complete control over the creation and management of these users. A "Member's Only" area is particularly useful if you want to restrict access to certain pages to a particular group of people e.g. wholesale customers, employees.
  • Contact enquiry form
    A Contact page enquiry form for feedback and enquiries from your site visitors.
  • Newsflash and Latest News displays
    Display a list of latest News items on your home page.
  • Site Search
    Allows visitors to conduct a search of the entire web site - particularly useful for larger sites.
  • Email-a-friend, Print and PDF format for every content item
    You can elect to display icons that allow site visitors to Email-a-friend about a particular page, or create a printer-friendly version, or convert the page to PDF format.
  • Banner manager
    Ability to display banner advertising on your site, with client management and recording of displays and click throughs. 14. Survey/Poll/Voting Create on-line surveys or polls, with display of current results.
  • Web link Directory
    Ability to maintain a "Links" Directory giving categorised listings of web links to other web sites.
  • Secure Administration area
    Site maintenance functions can all be accessed via a password-protected Administration area. As Site Administration is Internet-based, it can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer any where in the world - you can update your site, from the office, home, or even from an Internet café.
  • User Management
    As well as the creation of "Members", you can also create additional site administrators with varying degrees of access to help with site maintenance. Content can be added by contributing authors.
  • Search Engine Friendly
    The system automatically formats your content in a Search Engine friendly manner helping to attain high rankings in Search Engine listings. These automated settings can be over-ridden on a page-by-page basis if desired.
  • Training/Documentation
    Whilst the system quite intuitive and easy to grasp, a comprehensive training is supplied with each web site, illustrating in a step-by-step manner the most common actions. Also any particular customisations for your site are explained.
  • Full web site statistics
    Complete information on how many visits your site is receiving, which pages are being visited, how long visitors spend on your site, where they are coming from, which search terms they used to find your site, and so on - essential information required to make effective decisions regarding your web marketing.
    (NB: this feature is part of the MC4-IT hosting service, and is not included should you elect to have your site hosted elsewhere).

"We engaged Matthias because we needed a professional website quickly. Within one week he returned a fully fledged and search engine optimised content management system with original content in German and English. It took only a few months until the site ranked organically on the front page of Google for our most important keywords. We remained on the front page of Google search ever since. We recommend MC4-IT highly for its strategy advice, fast response time and great communication."

Dr. Alexander Piechot, COO, Dortmund, Germany, Taros Custom Chemicals