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Autoscan - Michael Krochmal

We set up our own website in 1995, writing html in a text editor. It was a bit steam-age, and difficult to maintain. So when MC4-IT set up our new website, it was like stepping from Fred Flintstone's car into a Lamborghini ... We are delighted with the clean design and many convenience features of our new

website, and recommend MC4-IT highly. Over the last 15+ years, we have been impressed by Matthias' continuous support for our website, the after sales support, the fast turnaround, and even more the cost-effectiveness of his business. Our market is global and we rank organically #1 in Google, thanks to the thoughtful, customer oriented search engine optimisation. Nothing beats a service provider who has the customer in mind and understands their business. MC4-IT is a rare gem in the market. 

Michael Krochmal, CEO Autoscan Pty Ltd